The Walter B. Meyers & Emma C. Meyers Scholarship



Walter B. Meyers and Emma C. Meyers recognized the value of a quality education in meeting the challenges of life and in using our God-given talents.  Also, they were convinced that fellowship and participation with other Christians on a regularly scheduled basis is essential for optimum growth both intellectually and spiritually.   


Upon the death of Walter Meyers in 2017 he left a substantial amount of money in a trust fund for scholarships for educational purposes of members of First United Methodist Church of China Grove, NC.  Continued funding shall be through investment income earned on the principal.  Each year an amount determined by the trustee will be distributed to students of FUMC.  There is no requirement that a scholarship be granted in any given year.  In such an event, the income generated in such year shall be added to the principal of the Trust. 


The selection committee should be comprised of 6 members of First UMC with each member serving a maximum of a 3-year term.  The selection committee shall be nominated and approved by the current committee. 

Duties of the Selection Committee

The selection committee shall consult together and decide which applicants are to receive an award and the amount of each award.  The award shall be paid in two separate disbursements.  One disbursement shall be at the first semester and the remaining disbursement shall be at the second semester. 


April–Begin announcing the scholarship/application forms made available.
May–Give reminders of May 31 application deadline.
June–Review applications.
July–Notify applicants.


The scholarship committee shall grant scholarships only to active members or dependent children of active members of First United Methodist Church of China Grove, NC.  Active member determination is at the discretion of  the selection committee.  Any individual who is planning to attend an accredited institution of higher learning may apply for an award for one year only.  Such application may be made for entry into the fall semester.  Any student receiving a scholarship may apply for a yearly renewal. 


1.  Graduating High School seniors
          A.  Activity in FUMC activities is given priority
          B.  Community College students
2.  Renewal of Previous Scholarships
          A.  Community College students
3.  Graduate students and life-long learners
          A. Activity in FUMC activities is given priority

After graduating high school seniors have been awarded scholarships, additional scholarships may be awarded to undergraduate college students at the discretion of the selection committee.  Undergraduate studies shall be defined as any associate degree or bachelor degree.  

If additional funds remain after high school and undergraduate college students have been awarded, post-graduate and life-long learning opportunity scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee.   

Allocation and Amount of Award

No award shall exceed eight thousand dollars ($8,000) or one hundred percent of the published tuition and fees for one year at the institution of choice as published by the institution for each academic year.  At the discretion of the selection committee, any award to a student may be reduced.  Awards may be reduced for the second semester due to insufficient fund availability due to poor performance of the trust fund. 

Disbursement & Payment of Award

The Trustee of the Walter B. Meyers and Emma C. Meyers Scholarship Fund will make payments from the endowment fund at the direction of the scholarship committee.  There will be two yearly payments to the institution of the student’s choice.  One payment will be made after receiving the student’s tuition bill for the first semester in the amount specified by the selection committee.  The second payment will be made after receiving the student’s tuition bill for the second semester in the amount specified by the selection committee. 

In the event a student is unable to attend college in the fall after receiving a scholarship due to unforeseen circumstances, the money set aside for said student shall be placed in reserve.  If the student enters college in the spring semester or the following fall semester, said money shall be distributed in two semester installments as noted above. 


Each applicant will receive an email from the selection committee chairperson stating the final decision of the selection committee.  Upon notification of receiving an award, it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide to the selection committee chairman a copy of the official tuition and fees bill, student ID number, and billing address. 

Presentation of Recipients

The names of the scholarship recipients shall be announced to the congregation once selections have been made. 

Over the last five years the committee has awarded $338,599 from the scholarship fund.


Walter & Emma Meyers Scholarship Initial Application 2023

Walter & Emma Meyers Scholarship Renewal Application 2023